Bronze Award for Designer Of The Year - CMA Awards 2015.

"The Designer of the Year will show high levels of technical skill as well as an imagination that produces ideas that consistently
amaze and impress. They must also demonstrate expertise in translating a brand's values and aims to their content, and show
how their work gets results for their client." CMA Judges.

Senior art director with extensive experience and success developing and producing multi-platform content solutions for brands.
My years designing print and non-print projects have given me a great understanding of the content creation sector and have
sharpened my client-facing skills, enabling me to offer strategic input at a high level.


Let's work together.

Phone: 07887 586309



Sunday, The River Group, Redwood London, Emap, Which?, Future, Seven, August Media, Harper Collins, Better Things,
Hearst Magazines, Quarto, Media Training Ltd and Octopus Publishing Group.